Surrey Counselling & Psychotherapy Initiative

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Welcome to the Surrey Counselling and Psychotherapy Initiative

SCPI was founded by Leslie Lund in May 2004 as a way to connect with other therapists in private practice. What began as an informal support group for counsellors and psychotherapists has grown into a thriving professional members' organisation in North Surrey.

The SCPI members are highly skilled and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who practice within the private sector. All are professionally qualified, many have also offered years of service to the NHS, and some are tutors in counselling training organisations. All are highly ethical and enthusiastic psychotherapeutic practitioners who are dedicated to helping people help themselves. They represent a wealth of different theoretical orientations and skill sets; everything from individual or family therapy to arts and play therapy, so clients may access the specific type of therapy that fits their individual needs.

Our Mission

Since its inception, SCPI has provided 3 types of services to its members and to the public:

  1. We facilitate access to therapy for the public by providing information on our members' services as well as their contact details.
  2. We support the continuing professional development of our members by providing high quality enrichment workshops during our bimonthly meetings. These are held 6 times a year in Guildford on the second Saturday of January, March, May, July, September and November. Members with common interests can also participate in a number of specialist subgroups, such as supervision, or the bimonthly Child and Adolescent gathering.
  3. Finally, SCPI functions as a large and efficient referral network, so therapists can find the clients that fit their specialist expertise, and clients can find a therapist who offers a particular type of therapy.